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Joy & Campion Public Sr. Sec. School Sagar
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Our Teaching Staff

For a smooth and effective functioning of scholastic activities, the prime requisite is a sense of commitment and perseverance in all who are associated with the teaching process. It is the joint effort of all the staff members that makes JCS an institution catering solely to the needs of the learners, and bringing out the best in a child, who enters the portals of the school to quench his thirst for knowledge. The grooming of a learner of a tender age needs very delicate handling. The primary staff of 25 teachers performs a commendable job in taking due care of these beginners and making them feel at ease in their new environment. The staff tries constantly to make the, 'Initial scholastic learning' a pleasurable activity, and at the same time teach the children the very first lessons in discipline. The teaching process at this level is not strictly textual and syllabus-based. The children are taught the knack of responding to their surroundings. The middle school staff-members, 20 in all are wholly committed to the job in hand. They have thorough knowledge of their subject matter, and are proficient in handling learners of this age, and in the psychological handling of the children by regular counseling. The introduction of new subjects and the exploration of new topics is a challenge for both the teacher and the learner. The staff as true instructors tries to create a proper environment for the child to pick up these new ideas. The faculties at the Senior Level looking to the upcoming class modifies the yearly curriculum as per the requirement trying to make it more child friendly and thereby aiding the learners to realize their potential. Syllabus-oriented teaching is given more importance. Mental growth and the exploration of the child's abilities are taken care of by providing a suitable vent to their creativity. The Senior School Staff includes 20 teachers. For the students it is a period of transition. The teachers aim at revitalizing the learners and gradually groom them to make them emerge as competent learners. Students are taught to emerge victorious in all their endeavour's. Those who lag behind are motivated to introspect and channelize their energy in the right direction. Constant and continuous evaluation is made for a satisfactory academic result. These youthful learners are motivated to develop a proper relationship with the school and this leads to a harmonious surrounding making school a suitable place for learning and growing up to be good human beings, and thus becoming role-models for the future generation, for it is rightly said, ' Virtue Alone Ennobles'.